Saturday, March 24, 2012

Mac and cheese tastes?

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As we celebrate the season of lent, we participate in abstaining from meat on Fridays. Consequently, the Friday evening dinner escapades usually include some kind of fish dish and the staple, macaroni and cheese...

I grew up eating macaroni and cheese once a week (at least). I consider myself a connoisseur of mac and cheese. I know good mac and cheese when I taste it! I also survived on Kraft Mac and Cheese as I scraped to live in college.

Getting to the thick of it...something weird is up with the flavor of the kraft mac! It just tastes first I thought it was just the variety of what I sometimes feed Nattie. However, I've noticed on a few other occasions that the mac and cheese tasted just as strange no matter where we've ordered it. I wonder if the recipe has changed...hmmmm

Food for thought...


  1. Weird. Ive always hated boxers Mac and cheese. My mom always made it from "scratch". As an adult I like to make "fancy" mac and cheese. It includes bread crumbs, mustard, various cheeses, baking in the oven etc. So bad for me but so yummy.

  2. I never got mac and cheese as a child, but have always loved it. The best was served at school, baked and slight crust on the top. I can't say I've had the current Kraft version, I can't believe they would change a staple. Maybe your tastes have changed?


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