Thursday, March 29, 2012

Belly up to the Slice of Life Buffet

Slice 30 of 31

Here it is! A review of my trip to this wonderful smorgasbord called
The Slice of Life Buffet! This all began with a little blurb from Choice Literacy about this thing called "The Slice of Life Challenge". This is one fantastic place to visit as you will always remember and want to return to often...

Let me tell you all about this extensive buffet...
You can belly up to the buffet and click on over to a plethora of blogs just oooozzing with any kind of slice you desire!

First, the buffet is peppered with sensational seasonings! The two writing teachers, our outstanding head chefs, always start you off with some positive sprinklings of encouragement or inspiration...
special quotes or other books that are just the right fit for your dining needs, setting the tone for the ultimate dining experience.

Next, we have our daily can graze on these for hours on end. The chefs who cook there have created sensational original recipes! You're welcome to fill your plate as many times as you like. If you feel up to it, you are also welcome to leave comment cards on the flavor of the slices you have tried! As a matter of fact, you are even encouraged to become a chef yourself when you try your hand at adding your own slice!

And finally just for added interest, the head chefs also cook-up some occasional contests to add a little more flavor to what is already on the slice buffet!

I have returned regularly to refill my plate each day during this month! I can't get enough of this place! The slices are so full of juicy goodness that even the most boring of palets begin to savor the flavor!

Sadly though, the buffet will soon be closing for a reconstruction phase...but I heard a rumor that it will re-open on Tuesdays for a return visit if you're in the mood to fill your plate with a slice or two!

You won't regret participating in the one of the best culinary experiences of your life! Make a trip to the Slice of Life Buffet!


  1. What a great analogy. Very well done.

  2. What a fabulous idea to write about food in connection to our slices. I loved every bite! Thanks Amy. And thanks for stopping at my blog so often. I will definitely be there on Tuesdays, and several other days a week too. Come check out Poetry Friday too!

  3. How fun. How clever. Made me smile!

  4. You are so clever to think of this analogy. It is so true and there are so few calories involved in the slice. Your post is a good way to start off my day.

  5. Clever approach. I love the positive spirit of this piece.

  6. I love your choice of words in each section to link the aspect of slicing to the enjoyment of food. Very creative!

  7. Nice job, Amy! The Slice of Life Challenge has indeed been a scrumptious smorgasbord of delectable delights!

  8. I wanted to respond this morning to say you put a smile on my face - but I didn't have time. SO NOW, thanks for putting a smile on my face...yes it has been quite a feast!

  9. I am with Elsie! Great buffet with no calories! I think I have even lost a few pounds while commenting on the buffet choices instead of tasting "real" food choices!

  10. To echo what Linda said, do check out Poetry Friday. You'll love it too!

  11. Thank you. I have enjoyed this buffet as well. I will miss the feast.

  12. To this dedicated foodie, your analogy was perfect in its delivery. Presentation is everything and your words looked great on the plate. Well done Amy!


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