Friday, March 1, 2019

Embracing the Train

Day 1

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Last night ended in happy exhaustion after snow tubing for three hours.  We ended up getting home pretty late for a school night which made getting up this morning extra challenging. Of course we were running late.

Kam missed the bus and I had to take him to school...

I got in the shower later than I expected...

Nat and I left later than we wanted...

So we arrived in the car line up at school and placed pretty far back in order...

That made me even later...

And then this-
the      w     o     r     l     d     's.     l     o     n     g     e     s     t.      t      r     a     i     n.

I knew this would make me even later than I wanted to be at school. As I sat there watching it pass, I decided to capture a little video of it.  

I knew what my slice would be-"embrace the train".  Sometimes in life there are experiences where I have been trapped by a situation.  Maybe I need to work more on "embracing the train"-the thing that's slowing me from getting where I need to be.  I may not know why at the time but there was a need for me to  s    l     o   w    d   o  w   n.  

So I end with wondering.
What is your train?

What should you be slowing down to notice?

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  1. Love that reminder to "embrace the train"! It's true. There are some moments where control and we do not occupy the same we might as well occupy the space we're in and be present.


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