Monday, March 4, 2019

All About the Hunt-Pet Whisperer Part 2

Day 4
Thank you to the Two Writing Teachers
for hosting the Slice of Life Story Challenge

The Pet Whisper’s Plea for a perfectly adorable guinea pig ate at my heart for hours.  I had a sickening feeling that the sweet Reese we tried out wouldn’t be there long after she went back into the cage.  (If you want to read what happened, here is Part 1).

I thought about how cute she was for hours.  I thought about how my pet whisperer handled her.  Nat even told me, the pet picks its care giver just as the wand picks the wizard.  “You know I’m referencing Harry Potter just a bit, right Mom?”  

Yes, I know...

So I went back to the pet store earlier today when I was out running errands.  I know it’s ridiculous that I had to check!  When I hustled into the store and got to the small pet aisle and looked into the bin, my heart sank when I didn’t see little Reese.  Oh no!  What was I going to tell my girl, aka the Pet Whisperer?  

Before we went out to dinner, the PW asked me about going back to the pet store.  I gave her the generic “you know if it’s not there it wasn’t meant to be” speech.  We agreed it would be ok.  I knew it wouldn’t be there but I didn’t want to break the news.  I hoped she’d handle it ok.  I know I’m crazy.

So when we headed back into the pet store together, she noticed it was gone too.  She didn’t cry or get upset.  She just said matter-of-factly, “It’s ok Mom. It’s all about the hunt that makes it fun to find a piggie!”

Wow! Just be continued.


  1. Oh, Amy, my heart sank when you revealed the outcome.

    Favorite line: “the pet picks its care giver just as the wand picks the wizard.” Clever, that pet whisperer.

  2. I’m completely hooked on this story. Your pet whisperer is one smart young lady.

  3. You had me at part 2 !!! Not the ending I anticipated ... but you did say to be continued!! There better be a part 3!!! Love this story and your daughter -- how insightful is she?!!! These are really well crafted Amy -- thanks for sharing.


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