Monday, January 21, 2019

Dad's Hug

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I remember, waking up, thinking-that was a very real hug.  A hug from my dad as I slept?  It was the kind of bear hug only my dad could give.  It left me a bit breathless to be honest.  It had been a long time since I had a dream about him (he passed in 2017).  I thought deeply about how much I missed him.  After tearing up a bit, I thought I'd go back to sleep for awhile and remember to tell Kevin in the morning.

And then, around 8:30, the phone rang.  It's the kind of phone call you know can't be good when you see who's calling.  I lived this life-held hostage by who's calling for almost four years.  I drew the card of responsibility in taking care of my parents as the main care-giver.  They both had major health issues the last two years especially.  I love them dearly, wouldn't have it any other way, but it has been rough-tougher than anyone could imagine but I always took things one step at a time.

When that phone call came through, it was how my New Year's Eve was my mom's memory care facility.  They called to tell me she passed away in her sleep.  My heart ached so bad.  I could hardly breath-I screamed "Oh, no!"  I started sobbing hysterically.  I ran to my husband and hugged him tight for several minutes.

I knew some day this call might come.  I knew God would call her home.  I started praying for her peace after she fell and broke the hip...she lived a good life-eighty long years.

But, I wasn't ready to hear it...

-and then I thought back to my dream...maybe that hug was Dad's way of telling me, "she's home, back with me, everything will be ok"-an answer to questions to come at the end of the year...

All those worries have stopped.  No more doctor visits, no more fights with nursing staff, no more struggle to move, or to think.  They are together again, hand in hand in Heaven.


  1. I'm sorry to read about your loss and love how you found comfort and a sign from your dream. May your memories continue to guide your healing and keep them with you.

  2. I absolutely LOVE this post as I connected immediately to your story. A year after my husband passed I awoke from a dream where my husband was kissing me. It was real! Then he told me don’t worry, heaven is real!
    Hold tight to that dream and those happy thoughts.

  3. Amy, I am so sorry for your loss. Having cared for both my parents I know the journey you have traveled. Take of yourself in these upcoming months - you are more tired than you know and now have space to feel what you may not have been able to feel these past years. Hold tight to dreams, signs, memories and traditions - they will carry you when you need it most.


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