Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Touched by the Spirit!

Thank you to the Two Writing Teachers
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Touched by the Spirit!

A story's backstory...

Rick owns a business.  He directs plumbers to make repairs and rehab projects where water isn't working.

Amy enjoys the teaching life.  She loves Spring Break-even though she is staying in town this year having to take care of things that aren't working.

These two souls met yesterday, over a plumbing problem!

Rick visits a nursing home to preach the word of the Lord every Sunday.

Amy visited the same nursing home when her dad rehabbed from respiratory failure.

Rick connects with people who have no one else-except the Lord-no family, no friends-but they have Rick.

Amy connects with Rick's mission to visit the lonely in the nursing homes.  His mom suffered from dementia-Amy's mom does too.  Amy asks how Rick dealt with the daily challenges dementia can bring.

Rick gives wonderful advice-deal with it one day at a time and ask the Lord for help.

Amy accepts this sound advice.  She prays for help daily...

Rick's visit touches the heart of someone struggling.  It's work from the Spirit of God.

Amy feels moved by the spirit during their brief meeting over a plumbing problem.

You never know when the words of the wiser will touch your heart, but when they do, celebrate and honor them.

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  1. Amy, this is such a wonderful slice of how God's Spirit works. I love your closing statement. It is a call to pause and recognize that God is indeed present in the moments of our life. Thanks for sharing!


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