Saturday, March 3, 2018

Day 3 Free Leaves

Thank you to Two Writing Teachers
for hosting the Slice of Life Writing Challenge

Day 3

A slice can sometimes be inspired by things we hear, see, taste, smell or touch.  I am inspired by the rolling leaves I see today...

Free Leaves

Fall's friends are fast to flee
as Winter winds have set them free!

They jump and tumble through the yard-
Surprising robin caught off guard!

Magical movements travel to new a site
Free from the tree so happy and light...

Rolling and landing in a place to rest-
or becoming part of the squirrel's nest!

Breaking up, changing, taking on
a new view!
Life-giving help for nature's renew...


  1. Your first two lines are my favorite! Thinking of leaves as "fall's friends" being set free by winter winds paints such a beautiful picture in my mind.

  2. Your first four lines I saw out my kitchen window today! Perfect capture; lovely poem. I smiled at our connection without even knowing before this moment. The world is small; our moments shared; our humanity written in your poem. ~ Sheri

  3. Amy, I really liked your poem about leaves. What a great example of a poetry slice. I emailed you to ask if I could possibly use this post in my 3/20 call for slices but somehow I forgot or it just never sent. I'd love to feature this post tomorrow. Let me know! I emailed you again this evening. If I'm too late, no worries.

  4. The first two stanzas stand out to me, Amy. Betsy was right to call attention to your poetry slice.

  5. I agree with Carol. The first 2 stanza are amazing. I love the way you phrased your thoughts. My favorite is, "Surprising robin caught off guard!" (But it was so hard to pick.) It is lovely. Thank you for this slice!!


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