Sunday, March 11, 2018

Day 11 The Portal Purse

Thank you to Two Writing Teachers
for hosting the Slice of Life Story Challenge
writing, posting and commenting every day for the month of March

IF YOU were to tell your story with objects, which ones would you choose? Which artifacts best represent you and your life?

One of the objects that would most likely represent my life right now would be my phone.  My phone has so much of me in it...

I think about the folders I’ve created to describe specific aspects of how I use it. 

Photos (family and friends)
Maker Apps (creating projects)
Social Media (connecting with others)
Calendar (keeping a busy life in order)
Email (contributing to time)
Music (tells so many stories)
Maps (which way to go)

Many favorite pieces of me all in one location.

All joined in to add to the timeline of my life.  These items capture all aspects of who I am these days.

Another object that best represents me are my keys.  People always comment on how many keys I have on my rings.  I have keys for 
the house
The cars
My offices 
file cabinets 
suitcase locks

A third object that I would use to tell my life story would be my purse.  It contains personal things that add to my life experience

My Life Story
Once upon a time there lived a girl with three important magical objects in her life.  The three objects connected to each other in this mysterious portal called a purse.  It contained pockets for many pieces of life.  The pockets in the purse also held two additionally important items. One item was the curious key ring that opened doors to the precious past and fruitful future-as well as openings to the here and now.  The other item was the fantastical phone that allowed for communication and connectedness at the flick of a finger.

This girl didn’t always have these objects but they’ve added layers to her life as she aged.  When she was younger, her portal purse was tiny.  It grew and grew the older she got.  It contained more and more keys that lead to opening and starting new adventures for her each and every day.

Then one day (about a decade ago) an item appeared that suddenly changed how the world worked-her phone! The purse portal plus the keys and the addition of the phone gave her powers she'd never known.  She talked to people, wrote to people and video chatted.  She created photo collages of all her adventures and shared them with the world.  She met friends from all over the world passing along her love for learning.  

Suddenly one afternoon her life changed dramatically when a thief stole her portal purse! 
Life To be continued...


  1. A portal purse - neat idea. The phone is also a portal to the world with all the connecting creating. I like how you had the lists and a story to create this slice.

    1. Thanks Terje! It was fun to write-I felt like my imagination was soaring.

  2. I like this as a writing prompt, Amy. I could picture kids liking it too as a way to open up floodgates and play in notebooks. Fun!

    1. Thanks Melanie! I think kids would like it too!

  3. I am adding this to my padlet of ideas for my students. I have a feeling some of them would list their phones first. Even though my phone is by my side at all times, I don't think I would list it because I pretend not to be as attached as I am. I like your honesty in this.

    1. Thanks Margaret! I use my phone for so much more than just a phone...

  4. Love how you went from prosaic to the magical "story!"
    And portal purse is a fantastic image.
    I will tune in to the next installment :)
    (But so sorry your purse was stolen!!!)

    1. Thanks Fran! The good news is it wasn’t stolen -I just ended the story there for now-totally fiction!

  5. This is so creative and fun - the title "Portal Purse" is perfect! It will be fun to see where you go with this.


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