Thursday, March 1, 2018

Day 1 Storytelling

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Welcome to The Rudder-where I journey forward to discover new things about the world personally and professionally.  A place where I share my stories.

#sol18 Day 1
Should I?  I wonder...



I'm in.

I want to spend this month getting to know you more.  I want to write and read more of the stories.  I want to build relationships through these slices of life-these daily stories that connect us, teach us and reach us.

So, I wonder more-watching my coffee bubble up in my cup as I fill it.  I read the call for slices today.  Yes, it's March.  Yes, that means writing more.

I slip into the office chair, getting on the computer and get to work on Canva to design my welcome sign (pineapples are the symbol for welcome, friendship and hospitality).  I think I can write every day for the month.  I'll give it a go...

The storytelling phrase for my welcome was shared about a month ago at a two and half day training I attended.  I am still inspired by the stories we shared that weekend.  I think I made the connection to slicing and storytelling and somehow knew then that I would use it for inspiration.

I hope you are inspired to tell stories all this month as I know I will be.  I look forward to meeting slicers all this month.  Happy Writing!  Happy Storytelling!  Welcome to The Rudder!

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  1. There's a reason storytelling is an ancient tradition -- because they are opportunities for connection. I'm looking forward to connecting with you this month, Amy. Happy slicing!


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