Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Play Ball!

Under the bright, April sky, the Angels took to the field for their first, dramatic, three inning game of the season!  The team was all decked-out with bright red baseball caps and t's along with gray pants and black socks. They brought along their water bottles, baseball bags, and spikes.  The team's first opponent was the Oakland A's.

The coach/ump called "Play Ball!" And the team batted around the order until the ninth batter hitting cleanup cleared the bases...what a hoot!  For just three innings, seeing these little guys and gals step up to play a game most of them never did before just made everyone smile.  

Coach Gray recruited my help in keeping the bench organized.  I followed the batting order and kept the rotation flowing.  Bats, hats, helmets and mitts constantly abandoned by the next player up or down.  It was a fast moving game for sure.  

In the end, everyone enjoyed the game.  The team completed their first game...under the bright, April sky...and Nat, she had a ball!

Play Ball!
Game on, smiles
Bats slam and kids jam
Yes, Angels played their first ball game!

Thanks to Two Writing Teachers


  1. We had a glorious Saturday here in Virginia, and I was so happy that it was time for Spring sports! My youngest is trying out lacrosse, but my older son is also in Little League, and I just love watching him and his team figure out the game and play hard, joke around in the dug out and still keep score even if the coaches don't!

  2. So many baseball teams took the field this weekend. My Facebook feed was flooded with pics. Sounds like it was a great weekend to be out in the sunshine enjoying America's favorite pastime.

  3. Hooray for the season - may it be fun!

  4. I love baseball and your post took me back to those days when my boys were young.


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