Saturday, April 16, 2016

Birds and Words

I'm celebrating with Ruth Ayers this weekend at Discover, Play, Build.  Head over and join in the celebrations.

I really dove into writing these past several weeks...I've noticed that it's made me a better listener.  I feel like I need to have a way to quickly capture words that could inspire near me or I'll forget them.  Last night was an example.  A blue jay was perched in the Japanese Cherry Tree and it was squawking up a storm.  Natalie was playing around with the iPad and since we had the patio door open, the bird did seem rather loud.

She blurted out, "Bird stop!  Stop bird! Stop."
I immediately captured her words in my enotebook and went on to write this poem...

Will the bird stop?
Stop bird, stop!
Why does the bird squawk? squawk, squawk?
What message is he sending?
Now I can see, it cat's tail bending...
Watch out! watch out!
Bird's given warning!
Watch for the cat-
Who's slinking I the morning!

So today, I'm celebrating birds and Nat's words that were inspiration for writing.


  1. You captured it well, that "cat's tail bending", Amy. You have been writing a lot-great to see! Have a good weekend!

  2. Oh the birds are so loud this time of year! I agree with Natalie! I celebrate your inspiration.

  3. Fun poem, especially with the backstory!

  4. Love that Nat's words inspired you. And that slinking cat? Bird better watch out!

  5. So fun. Poetry is a great way to celebrate special moments.

  6. Love your poem! Inspiration truly can be found all around us. (The birds by my house were rather chatty this morning too, but it's probably because I just filled the bird feeder. :)

  7. Love how you were inspired to write a poem!

  8. I love that a small moment such as this bird squawking leads to writing. What a gift it is to view the world as a writer and observer...

  9. Nat's words lead to poetry-I love it!

  10. Amy, I just thought of something fun. Why don't you and Nat rewrite her words and attach them to a photo for Spring's Gallery. I am trying to include more children's voices. Let me know if this is something you would like to do.


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