Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Birdies and My Toad

Thank you to Two Writing Teachers for hosting the Weekly Slice of Life!

My little bean loves the outdoors.  She's different from my son because she's always wanting to explore the things she observes in nature.  With the weather turning warmer, we're outside almost every night we can be, swinging, playing, observing.

Each time out is a new conversation and a new adventure.  We've most recently spent time in conversation about birdies and toads...

Birds tweeting, she tweets back-"What's the birdie saying Momma?"

I say, "What do you think he's saying?"

"He's saying that we are having fun on the swing!"

I agree and add, "Yes, you and I are having fun going as high as the sky!"

We swing more and she tweets again, "What's the birdie saying Momma?"

"I think the birdie is saying that we have to go in soon!"

"Momma, let's go look for my toad!"

I get her out of the swing and we head toward the front flower bed to see if we can get a glimpse of  the toad she calls "my toad".  We look around the big flower planter in the front yard...sure enough the toad is there.  Hopping along and looking for its latest snack...she squeals in delight when the toad appears.  "Toadally" making her day.

"Momma, I love my toad!  He's a cute little guy."

"I love your toad too, and I'm glad he's in our garden to eat up the bugs!"


  1. Such a sweet moment with your little one!!! Wishing you a toad-ally awesome day!!

  2. I love the dialogue here. Conversations with our little ones are so darned precious, thank you for sharing :)

  3. Oh Amy these are the memories that will forever be in your heart . . . so simple yet so magical!

  4. This is a wonderful small moment piece. It will be wonderful to share with her someday. Thank you for sharing your moment and giving us a smile today!

  5. Great slice. I especially like putting words in the mouth of the birds.

  6. So sweet - how lovely that you captured all this in a slice!

  7. This is a great glimpse into a small moment. Beautifully and simply told. I felt like I was right there. Toad-ally adorable.

  8. Moments and conversations to savor forever.

  9. Capturing these moments is the best! Writing them is forever!

  10. So sweet. What a wonderful moment. Love the dialogue.


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