Monday, August 6, 2012

Come away with Me!

Tuesday's Slice-at The Two Writing Teachers (thanks Ruth and Stacey for hosting this)...

For this week's slice, I didn't have a feel for what to write about so I went back through my writer's notebook and found a
Monday Morning warm-up prompt posted by Jo Knowles on her blog.  During a summer writing camp that she teaches, she allows campers to post their ideas for writing prompts. In the spirit of fostering student ownership, I think having students contribute prompt ideas would be helpful and I plan to use it this year.

The prompt I chose to write to was "Come Away with Me"...

Since I have been so inspired by all of the technology I've learned and experienced this summer, that was my topic of choice...also inspired by learning that I'll be in a newly constructed (2008) school this year that will have technology options available!  Woo-hoo!

Come Away with Me
By Amy Rudd
Come away with me
from the land of old
to the land of the new
of inspiration and information!
A place where technology helps you grow and do what you do
No more chalk boards with all that dust
Now on with technology it 's really a must!
The virtual world is a fantastic place 
where everything's buzzing at a break-neck pace
An interesting place where new ideas are ablaze 
a place of mystery, adventure, play
iPads, Smartboards, Twitter, and Pinterest
You're sure to engage in something of interest!
So off and away- get started today!  
Choose someone who can help (a friend in deed)
and you'll be on your way as you have all you need!


  1. It has been an amazing and inspiring summer of writing for many of us. This is a great 'mentor text' in that it is approachable and kids (and teachers) will really relate to the technology part!

  2. Isn't it amazing what we have at our fingertips? I am looking forward to learning even more and learning with others just makes it more fun!

  3. "Now on with technology, it's really a must" - yes, we are definitely being pulled into a new future, exciting - but good to have friends with us on the journey.

  4. Oooh I am jealous of your new setting. It sounds fantastic! I'll be scrunched in corners of others' rooms or the 1/2 of a 1/2 of a classroom teaching with my blackboard and drooling as I think of you. HA. Your poem was a lot of fun! I haven't been doing teachers write at all the last few weeks. I need to visit it again.

  5. I loved these lines:

    I am waiting for the inspiration to hit me(or just to nudge me) in the very near future!

  6. Great idea and better yet a great poem that says it all! I just love technology!

  7. All this summer writing has sparked a bravery in me, and I feel it in you too. It's like a Just Do It sign on my computer. Your writing is always so fresh and fun. I like how you just do it. Your students must love it too.

  8. I just got the flyer from my district for the Technology Institute. So many choices and we only get to participate in two workshops! "The virtual world is a fantastic place." - I couldn't agree more, and I'm so glad to participate in this weekly gathering of writing friends on Slice of Life.

  9. I'm so excited for you,Amy. Technology has the ability to bring our world so much closer together. Slice is such an example of it. I think your personality really comes through on your posts. I'm so fascinated by all the voices every week. Have fun this year. xo nanc

  10. "Everything buzzes at a break-neck pace" certainly describes the challenge, and "new ideas ablaze" suggest the reward of taking the challenge.

  11. "To the land of the new." A new place and new technology will make the school year exciting. Enjoy!

  12. I like the idea of a writers notebook. I have Come Away With You to your new home. From the old to the new. I hope you have a fun year mentoring your students from your writers notebook, with all of the new technology.

  13. I am new to the Slice of Writing but I am so excited about what I see! :-)

    I like the idea of offering a prompt once in awhile for "stuck" writers. Come away with me nudges one to think of a place they would love to take others to, whether it be real or imagined. What a great idea! I'm writing that one down. Love your poem, too, Amy!!! :-)


  14. Isn't it great to have the summer to explore? I need that time to digest, because as you said, "everything's buzzing at a break-neck pace." Your excitement echoes through these lines!

  15. cute poem! I love your enthusiasm! :-) My favorite part is "new ideas are ablaze" -- awesome way to describe the excitement of learning! Having students suggest prompts is a great idea too!


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